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Please read the following information carefully before making inquiries. We will not be able to reply to inquiries which do not meet these requirements.


How do I become a Referring Partner? If you are a Cambodian Pastor or a long term Christian worker with an organisation in Cambodia, you may write us at for information on partnership. Please note that we sometimes close to new partners in order to maintain our patient load.


Can I come work at MMCC? We do not hire foreign staff. We receive long term (3-10 years or more), full time expatriate workers only through our Mission Partner Agencies in Cambodia.

What is the commitment for long-term missionaries? Our long term workers commit to 3-10 years or more of service, including learning the Khmer language. Please contact us at for a list of mission organizations who work closely with us, as well as needed positions. MMCC does not pay salaries to foreign workers.

Does MMCC accept students for clinical rotations? No, we do not accept international students for rotations. When needed, MMCC accepts applications from senior level family medicine or internal medicine resident doctors only.


How do patients come to MMCC? All patients of MMCC are referred through our Referring Partners. We do not receive new patients at our gate.


Can I schedule a tour of MMCC? In order to maintain quality of care and training at MMCC, we do not offer tours of MMCC out side of our partner network. 

Does MMCC take short term visits? No. Due to the amount of administrative and coordination work it takes to host short term teams and individuals, MMCC does not do short term visits. This is reserved for Partners Only. MMCC occasionally will host individuals who partner with the ministry financially, come to teach a training or equipping course, and/or serve as ambassadors for MMCC in their home country. The purpose of these trips is to stay connected as partners, get to know the staff and share skills.