Serving at MMC

Please read the following information carefully before contacting us. We will not be able to reply to inquiries which do not meet these requirements.

The MMC mission strategy is focused on long-term daily investment in staff and patients, spiritually, educationally and relationally. In order to maintain this focus, we have developed strategic ways of involvement on site for our committed long term partners.

Long Term Missionaries

Our long term workers commit to 3-10 years or more of service, including learning the Khmer language. Please contact us at for a list of mission organizations who work closely with us, as well as needed positions. MMC does not pay salaries to foreign workers.

Short Term Visits from Partners

Individual Partners Only: MMC hosts individuals who partner with the ministry financially, and serve as ambassadors with prayer groups in their home country, to visit one at a time for a week or two, to stay connected as partners, get to know the staff they support, and share their skills.

Why Not Medical Teams? Whole teams alter the normal routine of ministry at MMC making it difficult to maintain consistency in our training programs and ministry. Individuals/ couples work well in our setting because they can integrate into our normal routine. And our MOU with the Cambodian government does not allow for mobile clinics. Our Cambodian resident doctors and staff do small education and screening focused outreach events instead.

Small Prayer Teams: Our Partner churches are welcome for prayer and learning focus days at MMC. We provide the fodder first hand, and they “move mountains”.

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Clinical Rotations: MMC accepts applications from senior level family medicine or internal medicine resident doctors only and as needed at MMC. Due to our focus being on training national Cambodian resident doctors, we are unable to accept students for rotations.