We are a Christian Hospital


At the Core of MMC, is our deep and sincere faith in Jesus Christ.

It’s what motivates us to provide excellent healthcare, compassionate treatment and upmost respect to every patient that enters our gates*.

Why is the message of Christ so vital to our work? Because, without it, we believe that lasting change is not possible. Development work needs to be transformational. This is why the staff of MMC actively and respectfully share the gospel message with our patients and their families everyday. And this is why all of our patients are sent by our referring partners: like-minded national churches and Christian organizations who have agreed to follow-up spiritually as well as physically with their patients.

The national outreach teams of MMC visit villages directly, providing opportunities to help the poorest of the poor access care and resources, teach about community health issues, and train staff in providing contextualized health care. At MMC we have a team of national holistic care workers who are trained to teach basic health prevention and care; for physical, spiritual, and emotional well being. All of our staff has the opportunity to be on a rotation and travel with the outreach team. They are especially attentive to the areas where there is no Cambodian church, health clinic or other referring partner nearby.

*At MMC, we value all people as unique individuals, made in the image of God. We treat patients equally regardless of religion, race, sex, gender identification, sexual orientation, national origin, native language, age, disability, marital status, citizenship, or any other characteristic.