About donating

Make your donation count!

On our donations page, there are four categories to designate your giving to ensure your generosity makes a big impact:

  1. Operations
  2. Urgent needs
  3. Staff development
  4. Endowment


The operations fund is MMC’s largest portion of the annual budget. It goes towards funding all expenses in daily operations at MMC. This includes Cambodian staff salaries, supplies, utilities, medicine, etc.! This fund also covers costs of MMC’s major programs, including the Womens Health Care Program. As we work towards avenues of sustainability, we still need global supporters who are willing to invest regularly with a 3-5 year commitment towards the operations budget.

  • Gifts of 500-25,000 US dollars annually help us meet the donor supported portion of the budget.
  • The Womens Health Care Program cost approximately 75,000 USD per year.


Sometimes our patients need surgery or an extended time in our inpatient ward. And yet the family, the referring partner and MMC have exhausted all of the available resources. At this point, our doctors and the families face very difficult decisions to discontinue life saving care.

Rather than posting emergency pleas for help or sponsorship every time this happens, we have designated the Urgent Needs Fund to cover costs for these circumstances.

  • 250 USD will cover a basic surgery.
  • 100 USD will cover the cost of a one week stay in the inpatient ward.
  • MMC aims to have 10,000 USD per year designated to this fund.


At MMC we value education and quality training. We continually encourage our National staff to pursue furthering their education or accreditation in their field. The Staff development fund is designed to reserve funds in our budget to cover costs for our National staff to attend school or training courses that will support their work at MMC and advance their careers long-term.


MMCC, Inc. The US based non-profit organization, is raising an endowment for the purpose of long term sustainability of the ministry. We are currently just 30% donor dependent. (Patients pay a small fee based on their socio-economic capacity. Local churches help fund some fees as needed and often help with transportation costs.) The interest from this fund will build security for MMC and ensure long term sustainability. Therefore, requiring less donor dependence.

  • Our goal is 5 Million USD


If you would like to donate by check, please mail to:

Mercy Medical Center Cambodia, Inc. | P.O. BOX 3014 | Westerville | OH | 43086

Include in the memo line: Operations fund, Urgent Needs, Staff Development or Endowment fund.


Become a partner with MMC by becoming a Global Supporter. All donors who set up reoccurring donations automatically become a part of MMC’s Global Support and help give MMC long-term stability. Our global supporters will receive updates on MMC throughout the year and will be added to our newsletter!


Whether you are a Global Supporter or a one-time giver, we thank you for your generosity towards MMC. Your support makes a big impact in the day-to-day operations of MMC and towards the long-term stability of the mission.

All donations are tax deductible for US citizens