Partners of MMC

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We have over 100 referring partners in Cambodia. The majority of these are national churches and NGOs, and the remainder are Christian mission organisations. All of our patients are referred through these partners. We find that we are all much more effective in the work of physical and spiritual healing when we work together! (See Referring Partners Page for updates)

Mission Partners

Mission Partners are Referring Partners who also allocate human resources to the MMC ministry. Having lost the educated class in the Khmer Rouge genocide just 30 years ago, Cambodia is still rebuilding educationally. Our Mission Partners allocate expatriate workers with expertise in all areas of medicine and administration. None of these foreign workers are paid through the budget of MMC, but rather through their organizations.

Worldwide Partners

Everyone who supports the work of MMC from around the world is a Partner! Please see the Partnership Page.

Many of our partners volunteer from locations around the world! MMCC Inc. is a non-profit organization in the USA. Over 30 committed Volunteers there are writing grants, writing thank you notes, tracking donors, producing media, etc. Also, representatives from the Churches of our expatriate staff are helping to spread the word!