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Our Partners

At MMCC, we take partnership seriously. Our partners help keep MMCC running day-to-day. Through their commitments in prayer, resources, training and financial giving, they make it possible to run our programs, plan our budgets and accomplish ministry goals. Every effort is made to maintain an organization that has sustainable impact and our partners are a part of it!

Our Philosophy for Partnership

We are focused on long-term daily investment in staff and patients— relationally, medically, educationally and spiritually. In order to maintain this focus, we have developed strategic ways of involvement for our committed long-term partners.


We have over 140 referring partners in Cambodia. The majority are national churches, and the remainder are Christian mission organizations and NGOs. The vast majority of our patients are referred through these partners. We charge a very small amount to our patients (based on income), which encourages them to take ownership of their health needs. Our Referring Partners work with us to provide important social assessment information needed for a sliding socio-economic scale. Our Referring Partners also help subsidize the costs of care for patients.


Mission Partners are Referring Partners who also allocate human resources to MMCC. Having lost the educated class in the Khmer Rouge genocide, Cambodia is still rebuilding educationally. Our Mission Partners allocate expatriate workers with expertise in all areas of medicine and administration. Every expatriate worker at MMCC is fully funded through a Mission Organization. Therefore, no salaries are paid to expatriate workers, which keeps our overall budget extremely low. We value our Mission Partners; they allocate valuable human resources to the work of MMCC.


At MMCC we believe in long term relationships. In Cambodia, we have Mission Partners and Referring Partners. In the rest of the world we are building Strategic Partnerships for medical expertise, education & training, financial support and volunteers. There are over 40 committed volunteers creating awareness, writing thank you notes, tracking donors, producing media, and much more!


Become a partner with MMCC by becoming a Global Supporter. While MMCC is less than 25% donor dependent, your support makes a big impact! All donors who set up reoccurring donations automatically become a part of MMCC’s Global Support and help give MMCC long-term stability. Our global supporters will receive updates on MMCC throughout the year and will be added to our newsletter!


MMCC, Inc. The US based non-profit organization, is raising a large endowment for the purpose of long term sustainability of the ministry, including capital expenses such as facilities and equipment. If you are interested in giving towards the endowment, please write us at

If you have more questions about our Partnerships, see our FAQ page.