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Inpatient & Outpatient

Our Patients come from every province of Cambodia


MMCC’s Inpatient Department (IPD) has 12 inpatient beds. The IPD is for patients who are very sick and need extended care. This is a place of healing, with many opportunities for learning, outreach, and demonstration of the compassion of Christ.


Currently MMCC’s medical staff sees about 100 outpatients each day. At MMCC our goal is to give each patient the amount of time needed to give the best medical treatment possible in an atmosphere of compassionate care. This includes training and consultation with the missionary precepting doctors, research, testing, etc. Although the numbers of patients we are able to see is rising, as the residency program grows, we are committed to maintaining this ethos.


We see patients who do not have other options for health care. Most of them are living at or below the World Bank’s $2.15 (USD) per day poverty line. In Cambodia, very few people have insurance or access to government programs. Often they drop down below the poverty line when they or a family member become ill and they do not have the resources for medical care.

Many of our patients are so amazed that they are treated with compassion and respect, they go back to their villages sharing about the care they received and love of Christ. One of our patients did so, and now 2 years later, there are 6 Bible study groups in or near her village as a result!