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Our Staff

100 Cambodian and 23 expatriate staff

Mercy Medical Center is staffed with workers from across the globe. Our expatriate workers are a conglomerate of Christian organizations with a heart to care for the people of Cambodia through healthcare. Training in every area of operations is an integral part of our work.

Our Cambodian staff is the backbone of MMCC. They serve as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab and medical assistants, housekeepers, guards, groundskeepers, patient counselors, health educators, receptionists, couriers and more! 

The Cambodian and expatriate staff of MMCC represent seven organizations and five nationalities.

NATIONAL CAMBODIAN STAFF: MMCC employs 100 Cambodian staff, including 8 Cambodian Attending Physicians and 14 Residents in training.

  • Dr. Sokrun, Family Medicine Attending Physician
  • Dr. Reaksmey, Family Medicine Attending Physician
  • Dr. Pheaktra, Family Medicine Attending Physician
  • Dr. Vatthey, Family Medicine Jr. Attending Physician
  • Dr. Kun, Family Medicine Jr. Attending Physician
  • Dr. Nin, Family Medicine Jr. Attending Physician, Women’s Health Fellow
  • Dr. Sokhey, Family Medicine Jr. Attending Physician
  • Dr. Fanine, Family Medicine Jr. Attending Physician
  • Dr. Uksaa, Family Medicine Chief Resident
  • Dr. David, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Thavi, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Chhung Seng, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Viratha, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Parenha, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Leakhena, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Meas, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Sori, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Sokha, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Seoung, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Theary, Family Medicine Resident
  • Dr. Khema, Family Medicine Resident

EXPATRIATE STAFF: Currently, 11 Khmer speaking expatriate physicians, representing primary care, surgical and other specialties, serve on the teaching staff at MMCC. Additional expatriate staff includes nurses, administrators and other specialists. None of the expatriate staff receive any compensation from MMCC.

  • Dr. Tim Benadum MD – USA, Family & Emergency Medicine, World Team
  • Dr. Alan Norman MD – USA, Pediatrics & Internal Medicine, Team Expansion
  • Dr. Thomas Kuhlmann MD – USA, Family Medicine, Cooperative Services International
  • Dr. Judy Norman MD – USA, OBGYN, Team Expansion
  • Dr. Thomas Howard MD – USA, Family Medicine, World Team
  • Dr. Aaron Branch MD – USA, Family Medicine, In His Image & World Team
  • Dr. Inge Mathes MD – Germany, Anesthesiology, OMF International
  • Dr. Steve Twyman MD – USA, Family Medicine & General Surgery, CHSC
  • Dr. Tim Mulherin MD – Australia, Family Medicine & Anesthesiology, CMS Australia
  • Dr. Heidi Whitaker MD – USA, Pediatrics, Anglican Church
  • Dr. Kyung Joong Kim MD – Republic of Korea, Gastroenterology, OMF International
  • Dr. Thuyhien Nguyen – USA, Podiatry, World Team
  • Dr. Laurie Gardner – USA, Physical Therapy, Cooperative Services International
  • Chad Leathermon – USA, Nurse, Team Expansion
  • Wendy Power – UK, Nurse, Interserve
  • Jen Leathermon – USA, English Program Director, Team Expansion
  • Marjorie Benadum – USA, Communications & Development Director, World Team
  • Jeanne Arter – USA, Spiritual Impact Advisor, World Team
  • Scott Arter – USA, Finance Advisor & Accountant, World Team
  • Cheri Howard – USA, English Tutor, World Team
  • Caitlin Twyman – USA, Administration & Staff Development Support, CHSC
  • Olivia Mulherin – Australia, Administration & Staff Development Support, CMS Australia