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Our Leadership

Mercy Medical Center Cambodia is overseen by the Senior Leadership Team.

The Leadership Team of MMCC all live in Cambodia and work at Mercy Medical Center.

This team is accountable to the board of trustees for the US based non-profit organization, MMCC, Inc. (501c3)


  • Tim Benadum, Executive Director
  • Chad Leathermon, Assistant Executive Director
  • Alan Norman, Medical Director
  • Scott Arter, Chief Financial Officer
  • Thearo Uk, Hospital Administrator
  • Phearin Sorn, Clinical Director
  • Sochea Choch, Counseling Director
  • Raksmey Heang, Attending Doctor
  • Sok Run Seng, Attending Doctor
  • Marjorie Benadum, Communications & Development Director

In 2012, MMCC received official nonprofit status in the USA. Mercy Medical Center Cambodia, Incorporated (MMCC Inc.) 

is the 501(c)(3) entity and is governed by a board of trustees.


  • Dr. Robert Zimmerman MD – Northeast Family Health Ohio
  • David Durell – Trustee, National Christian Foundation/Ohio
  • Rosy Talarzyk – Senior Home Church Leader, Dwell Community Church
  • Torrey Olmstead – Franklin International, Inc.
  • Steve Toukan – CPA, Toukan and Company
  • Barbara King – Director of Strategic Content, Ameritas

Ex Officio Members

  • Si Suntech – Cambodian National Caucus, United Methodist Church