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Women’s Health

70% of our patients at MMCC are women. Due to lack of prevention measures, we have seen far too many young women and mothers diagnosed with terminal illness from preventable causes.

The MMCC Women’s Health Program addresses this in three ways: Cancer screening, training healthcare workers, and community education.


Cambodia has the highest rate of cervical cancer in Asia. It is the number one cause of cancer related death in women under 50 years old. Yet, this cancer is almost completely preventable with proper training and screening! We teach the Cambodian medical staff of MMCC cost effective methods of cervical cancer screening that are quick and cost effective, therefore available for our poor and rural patients.


MMCC runs a one year women’s health fellowship. Each year we have 3-4 family practice physicians graduate from our residency program. Interested graduates are invited to stay an extra year for focused training on women’s health issues prevalent in Cambodia, including cervical cancer prevention and treatment, before they are sent out to practice as compassionate Christian physicians around the country. We also partner with the Cambodian Ministry of Health, providing this training to government nurses and midwives.


MMCC’s Women’s Health Program reaches out to the greater community through our Referring Partners, with educational initiatives on and off site. Additionally, MMCC provides our referring partners with educational materials for women on related topics.

MMCC’s Women’s Healthcare Program is saving lives and improving the physical health of Cambodian women around the country! This program gives us even more opportunities to fulfill our primary mission of caring for the sick and proclaiming the Gospel in both word and deed.

If this program interests you, please consider donating towards these efforts!

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