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Staff Development

At MMCC we are committed to a development model. Our Cambodian and expatriate staff work together to provide the best care possible. Our expatriate staff share their knowledge and skills to train and encourage our Cambodian staff in a way that is empowering and allows our Cambodian staff to influence and lead MMCC. Some of MMCC’s development opportunities include:


MMCC sponsors our current staff in continuing education. Some examples are management degrees for administration staff, medical equipment repair school for maintenance staff, and nursing school for nurse assistants.


Through our network of partners, we are able to identify promising future healthcare workers: young people who demonstrate diligence, compassion and a desire to learn. We encourage our partners to invest in these young people through Christian discipleship and if needed, sponsorship to study in a medical field.


MMCC also has a certified English language program. The English teachers work closely with department leaders, targeting specific learning goals. This is especially important for medical workers who need to be life-long learners in a field that is ever changing.


At MMCC we offer ongoing medical training, such as BLS (basic life support), and we bring in experts in various topics for staff equipping. These include:

  • Delegating & accountability
  • Effective communication styles
  • Team leadership
  • Understanding personality types
  • Spiritual & emotional well-being
  • Small group multiplication
  • Time management & setting goals
  • Taking initiative & being proactive
  • Innovation & creative thinking
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