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With the help of partners in the US and India, we have designed appropriate curriculum for doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, and other specialties. These programs are specifically suited to the needs of Cambodia with an education emphasis on clinical primary care.


Since 2012, MMCC has trained over 20 young Cambodian doctors in Family Medicine. Our goal is to send some of these doctors out into the provinces to work with local churches in bringing the gospel message to the people in these areas. And we hope for some to stay at at MMCC to continue to train others.

The MMCC Family Medicine Residency has been has been endorsed by Medsend and In His Image Family Medicine Residency. Our residents are able to receive the International Postgraduate Diploma of Family Medicine from The Christian Medical College of Vellore, India, the International Christian Medical and Dental Association, and Loma Linda University.


New nurses at MMCC are enrolled in a one year comprehensive clinical nurse training program. Our nurse leaders also have the opportunity for further study online through Loma Linda University.


Each year, 1-2 of our Family Medicine graduates have the opportunity to pursue study through the Women’s Health Fellowship at MMCC . All of our resident doctors and many of our nurses also have the opportunity to learn and also teach through this program.


At the 1978 Alma Alta Conference, the World Health Organization proposed the Primary Health Care Model, emphasizing community-driven, comprehensive health care as the most cost effective means of improving world health. Nevertheless, most healthcare systems in “developed” countries emphasize specialty care, which is inherently inefficient and expensive for the needs of the majority of the people.

The basic health needs of populations are best served by well-trained generalists providing excellent primary health care. In Cambodia, however, the vast majority of physicians and other healthcare workers have not had the opportunity to be well trained, in part due to the Khmer Rouge’s genocide of the educated class just 30 years ago. We are passionate about training healthcare workers, with an emphasis on primary care, at Mercy Medical Center Cambodia.

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