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Our Mission


PROCLAIM Christ in Word and Deed

The animistic worldview teaches that one’s circumstances, like poverty and illness, are the result of bad things they have done, possibly in a previous life. The Christian worldview teaches that our sins have been paid for and that we can and should seek to improve our circumstances. We are passionate about demonstrating Christ’s mercy through the care we give and the words we share. We share the opportunity for Cambodians to know the hope, justice, and fullness of life in Christ.

PROVIDE Excellent Healthcare for the Poor

Impoverished Cambodians are often turned away from other hospitals because they can not pay. At MMCC, we are committed to high-quality, evidence-based, cost-effective care, which meets or exceeds the WHO and Cambodian Ministry of Health’s standards of care. Excellent care is holistic care, meeting the needs of the whole person, taking a comprehensive approach to health, at all levels; physical & spiritual, preventive & curative, individual & public. We are dedicated to honoring & loving others as people of infinite worth, made in God’s image, regardless of their age, sex, ethnicity, beliefs, or socioeconomic status.

PREPARE National Healthcare Workers & Mentor Staff

We are intentional about building capacity for sustainable change by mentoring and training Cambodian doctors, nurses, and allied professionals as well as village lay healthcare workers. We also provide opportunities for spiritual growth and general capacity building initiatives such as Bible study, English classes and computer training. Teaching preventive and community health to patients is also a priority.

PARTNER with Like-Minded Workers & Cambodian Churches

MMCC is a multi-organizational, multi-national partnership. Our expatriate staff represents seven different Christian mission organizations worldwide. We work hand in hand with over 140 Referring Partners made up of local NGOs, local churches and Christian mission organizations. And we have partners in 9 countries worldwide who give and pray for the ministry regularly.






Passion for the Mission


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