Sustainability Initiatives


In accordance with our philosophy of ministry at MMC, every effort is made
to create and maintain a sustainable model.

Dormitory and Guesthouse

The MMC Luka Center serves as a learning center and dorm for single staff. It also has guest rooms for visiting partners. The guesthouse fees paid cover the costs of running the building and provide additional income as well.

The Medical Building

Many details of the center were designed for long term sustainability. For example, only a few rooms (Pharmacy, ORs, Offices)  have air conditioning, and there will be ramps instead of elevators. This will go a long way towards keeping operating costs to a minimum over the long haul.

Eye Center and Laboratory

The MMC Eye Center and Laboratory are two centers which are able to generate income to subsidise care for our poorest patients.

Referring Partners

We charge a very small amount to our patients, which encourages them to take ownership of their health needs. Our Referring Partners (Like-minded organizations and Cambodian Churches) work with us to provide important social assessment information needed for a sliding scale. And these partners subsidize the costs of care for their patients.

Mission Partners

Every Missionary at MMC is fully funded through a Mission Organization. Therefore, no salaries are paid to foreign workers, which keeps our overall budget extremely low. We value our Mission Partners; they allocate valuable human resources to the ministry of MMC.

Strategic Partnerships

At MMC we believe in long term relationships. In Cambodia, we have Mission Partners and Referring Partners. In the rest of the world (USA, Australia, Singapore, Europe, Asia) we are building Strategic Partnerships that are meant to last.


MMCC, Inc. The US based non-profit organization, is raising a large endowment for the purpose of long term sustainability of the ministry. If you are interested in giving towards the endowment, please write us at