Special Needs and Surgical Fund


Poverty means a life of impossible choices. Questions such as these are common: Do we pay for surgery for Grandma and save her life, OR send the smartest grandchild to school so they can support the family in the future? Do we sell our last cow and our little piece of land, and buy the medicine Dad needs to get well and survive, OR keep our last bit of life security and let Dad die.

They have no insurance, no savings, or other safety nets.


The family, MMC and the referring partner all participate in covering expenses for the care. And each faces a very difficult decision when further care is needed but resources are scarce.

Rather than posting emergency pleas for help or sponsorship every time this happens, we have developed a Special Needs/Surgical Fund to cover costs of extended care, such as surgeries and inpatient care. 250 dollars will cover the cost of a basic surgery case, and 100 dollars will cover the cost of a one week stay in the inpatient ward.

How to give: choose “Operations” and simply write in the fund name in the comment box on the form. If you prefer to give specifically to surgeries feel free to write this and your gift will be designated as such. DONATE NOW