Prayer Page: Tim and Marjie Benadum

Thank you for praying! Here is the latest:

Praise God– Tim’s connection with great lung doctors and his improved health condition. Pray for continued good health and strength.

Praise God- Our national leaders are taking on more and more responsibility. Pray for them as they grow in spiritual strength and leadership ability. See more information about the national leaders below.

Praise God- Marjie has been able to complete a book she has been writing for the past seven years; a true story about a Cambodian girl whose life illustrates the reality of false belief systems and poverty. Pray for the editing and publishing process. Pray for the book’s message to spread according to God’s will. (The book is published under the pen name Maly West. Please do not share info using Marjie’s real name)

Pray for our family which has recently become more global since Caleb and Christian moved to Geneva, Switzerland. Pray for creative ways for our family to stay close.

Pray for our missionary colleagues at MMC, and our role in mentoring them as the next generation of discipler/ trainers. This month we ask prayer for Alan and Judy Norman, Chad and Jen Leathermon and Jeanne and Scott Arter.

Pray for our national leaders, and our role in discipling them. Pray we would have wisdom in helping them maximise their potential for the Kingdom of God. Pray for spiritual protection; for the removal of any blocks to their growth or effectiveness.

  • Samrach Kroich: Leader of the Outreach Division. Apostolic leader. He has a wife and a baby. He is a house church leader/ bible teacher who is raising up others to lead. Pray for Christian schooling options for them.
  • Phearin Sorn: Clinical Director, Nurse. He has a wife and 2 children. Pray for his ability to complete a masters in nursing education online in English. He is a house church leader/ bible teacher.
  • Sovatdy Sanh: Hospital Administrator. Pray for him as the oldest son in a divorced family to have wisdom in leading his family. Pray for a godly spouse and the freedom to marry in the midst of the weight of responsibility for his mother and brothers. He is on a leadership team of his church.
  • Sokrun Seng: Attending Doctor and Director of Palliative Care and the CML program. He has a wife and 2 children. He is a house church leader/ bible teacher.
  • Reaksmey Heang: Attending doctor and Women’s Health Director. She is the daughter of a pastor from Kampong Cham Province. She is married with no children. Please pray for wisdom and clear leading. She would like to have an outreach center clinic that partners with her Father’s church and others in her province, but would also like more experience working with MMC first.
  • Sochea Choch: Director of Counselling. He is a lay leader/ bible teacher and he also teaches Christian counselling to other Cambodians. He is married with one son.
  • Somaly Sok: Doctor who has graduated from the MMC residency. She is partnering with a network of 70 house churches planted by her father’s church in Kampot province- they have built a clinic to care for the poor and proclaim the gospel.