Donate, pray, and spread the word!

At MMC, we take partnership seriously. Our partners walk with us through thick and thin. We pray for you and you pray for us.


MMC is working towards a sustainable model in which all parties participate. We are currently just 30% donor dependent. Patients pay a small fee based on their socio-economic capacity. Local churches help fund some fees as needed and often help with transportation costs.

Become a Partner!
Like air, food, water, and blood flow to the body, these partners help keep MMC running day to day. They make it possible to plan our annual budget and ministry goals through their commitments to prayer and financial giving towards the operating budget. (3-5 year annual commitments in US$)

Becoming a partner is easy. Just go to our DONATE NOW page where you can get started by setting up a recurring donation payment on this website. And please leave a note in the comments box about your self, including contact information, so we can be in touch. See DONATE NOW .

PLEASE email us at to begin receiving quarterly e-newsletters from MMC.

SHORT TERM involvement is reserved for MMC Partners. If you are a Partner already and would like to visit us on site, please email us to discuss timing and opportunities.