Staff Development

At MMC we are committed to a development model. Every expatriate worker is expected to be mentoring Cambodian workers. And all patients are referred by established Referring Partners, who provide follow-up.

Student Sponsorship

Through our network of partners, we are able to identify promising future health care workers: young people who demonstrate diligence, compassion, and learning potential.
MMC and the student sign a contract in which MMC pays for their tuition at the school, while they do clinical training at MMC. In return, the student agrees to work at MMC in their first paid position.

Staff Education Sponsorship

MMC sponsors our current staff in continuing education. Some examples are MBA degrees for administration staff and medical equipment repair school for maintenance staff.

Staff Training

At MMC we offer ongoing medical training such as BLS (basic Life support). And we bring in experts in various topics for staff equipping. These include:

  • Delegating and accountability
  • Effective communication styles
  • Team leadership
  • Understanding personality types
  • Spiritual and emotional well-being
  • Small group multiplication
  • Time management & setting goals
  • Taking initiative / being proactive
  • Innovation and creative thinking

English Training

In 2016 we launched an official English program. 75% of the MMC staff are enrolled in the English program which provides classes in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.