Covid Inspired Creativity

August 2021 News

COVID-19 continues to be a challenge for all people, and ministry in Cambodia is no exception. Yet God is still at work at MMC, and he has led our Spiritual Impact Team (SIT) to a handful of creative new strategies over the past few months.

While not allowed to visit the village churches, the SIT was available to focus more on sharing Christ with patients on-site at MMC. But since the rise of COVID-19, patients began to avoid talking with our non-medical staff, wanting to avoid any unnecessary interactions with others. In response to this, our team had the idea to start wearing medical “scrubs” uniforms to help the patients feel more comfortable talking with them. This has been an overwhelming success and has opened doors for the SIT to build relationships with patients, as well as helping the hospital staff feel like a unified team all wearing similar uniforms!

In an effort to serve more people during the pandemic, MMC has started accepting local walk-in patients in recent months. The SIT is serving as the welcome team for these patients. As such, they get to spend 10-15 minutes with each new patient getting to know them, expressing concern for their health situation, and sharing about the love of Christ in a personal one-on-one way. Please continue to pray for the staff at MMC as they faithfully and creatively serve God in the midst of difficult circumstances! 

This story is shared from the newsletter of MMC Missionaries Scott and Jeanne Arter