Cambodia Facts

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Cambodia is a Southeast Asian country of around 14 million people. Listed among the
poorest countries in the world, Cambodia continues to face the challenges of devastating
poverty, following 30 years of war & instability.

Cambodia is a beautiful tropical land featuring endless rice plains along the rich Mekong and Tonle Sap river system. Its flora includes abundant sugar and coconut palms, bamboo,
and lotus flowers. Cambodia is famous for its ancient temples (c 1100ad) in Siem Reap, including Angkor Wat, featured on its flag.

Around 85% of Cambodians live rurally, most of whom are rice-farmers. The majority are Khmer; Chinese, Vietnamese, Cham, and Hill-Tribes comprise most of the remainder. 95% of Cambodians are Folk Buddhists in their religious beliefs.

  • 35% of Cambodians live below the World Bank’s “dollar-a-day” poverty line
  • 1 in every 7 children in Cambodia die before they reach their 5th birthday; 1 in 10 children die at birth
  • Cambodia is ranked #139, below India and Laos, out of 187 countries on the United Nation’s Human Development Index (based on health, education,and income) (Source : UNDP, 2011).
  • Cambodia’s TB and HIV/AIDS rates are among the highest in Asia
  • The average life expectancy in Cambodia is 60 years
  • In this largely rural country, only 29% of rural people have access to a reliable water source
  • Adequate healthcare is still widely inaccessible to most rural Cambodians

(Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators, 2006, unless otherwise noted.)